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Please note, this product is in its BETA-test phase. Please report any problems to the webmaster.

This data base, or logbook, is provided with the sole purpose of gathering information on bowhunting in South Africa. The personal data you enter will never be released to anybody, and your hunting data will never be related to you as person. The administration of this database intend to use ONLY TRENDS in it, to the benefit of bow hunting. As such trends may be published, and used in presentations to for ex. government, in order to justify proposals. Again, such proposals will only be made with your agreement, in the form of a weighted majority vote, by all hunters with data on this system, weighted by the number of data entries you have. All such accepted trends will also be published on this site, for later use by all registered hunters with data entries. Also note, that we reserve a right to confirm entries a hunter made, with the sole purpose of validating the actual hunt. Yours Sincerely Administration Andre van Tonder Fritz Rabe Hendrik Le Roux Harry Marx (webmaster) ( ) Our Sponsers: SABA (South-African Bowhunter's Association) Africa's Bowhunter Anchor Point